About the darkroom…

Welcome to Brighton Community Darkroom. It is run on a not-for-profit basis to enable people to have affordable access to a darkroom to develop and print film or to create images using various alternative processes. Darkrooms whether private or commercial have become an endangered species and we hope this darkroom will allow people to carry on or try analogue photography.


The darkroom is located within Coachwerks, 19 Hollingdean Terrace, Brighton, BN1 7HB

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  • £12 a day for regular users to be paid by standing order, including chemicals
  • £15 a day for casual users to be paid by electronic transfer or cash, including chemicals

Users also have to pay for a set of keys to be cut and pay a returnable deposit of £25.

Darkroom regulars rent a certain day of the week on an on going basis (sometimes this is alternate weeks or monthly). Every now and then days become free as people move on. We also have a certain amount of stand-by users who have keys who can rent the days off regular users when they are not going to use their day.


We presently have two enlargers allowing negatives from 35mm to 5×4 inch to be printed. The darkroom is well-stocked and we have a variety of trays allowing prints up to 20×24 inches to be printed, plus all the usual darkroom paraphernalia, including many Paterson developing tanks, reels etc. Presently the darkroom is set up principally for black and white photography using Ilford Chemistry, but there are plans afoot to extend into colour developing and printing.

Our users range from beginners to the very experienced, and all are welcome. For those new to the darkroom or whose skills may be rusty, a simple induction running through the basics can be arranged by one of the volunteers.


Our calendar shows who is in on which days, and which days are free to book. Don’t worry if you are a casual user, regular users advertise the days they can’t take on the member Google Group:


  • To enquire about available sessions, email brightondarkroom (at )gmail.com
  • To enquire about darkroom chemicals, contact Chris on 07976 877934
  • To enquire about the web site, Google Group and Google Calendar, email Pete (at) thegoldenear dot org


The darkroom is being run by a group of users who meet on a monthly basis.

To help us collaborate efficiently on this shared project we have:

* You’ll need a Google account to access these.

Shoot, develop and print your own photographs with analogue enlargers